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Welcome To Lyssa’s Corner On Urban One

Welcome To Lyssa’s Corner On Urban One

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I read a quote that said “If you treat her the same way you did in the beginning, there will never be an end” and I think that is probably one of the most backwards things I have ever heard. It’s a nice sentiment but it’s all wrong.

People grow up and sometimes growing up means growing apart. It’s apart of life. Just because you have stayed the same doesn’t mean the other has too, and saying something like that spreads false hope.There is no magic way to make someone stay in your life forever. You can do everything right and they’ll still leave. That doesn’t mean you go out cheating every night, but it means don’t think that just because you’re doing your best things won’t change.
Go into a relationship doing your best and trying your hardest. Don’t have an agenda or unrealistic expectations.

Don’t put pressure on yourself (or the other person for that matter) to make this person “the one”. Lastly, don’t think that you can somehow control the situation. You can’t. You can only control you and your emotions. If you’ve done the best you can and at the end of the day things still don’t work then that’s that. Dust yourself off and try again.

Just have fun. Get to know them as they get to know you and hopefully it turns out to be what both of you are looking for. Dating is already awkward and sometimes frustrating, but it’s also supposed to be fun and make you happy. Stop trying to rush into the future all the time and just enjoy them now in the moment.


June 20th, 2016

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