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Lyssa’s Corner – Motivation

Lyssa’s Corner – Motivation

Lyssa's Corner Urban One

What is it that motivates you? That truly pushes you? Is it love? Joy? Fear? Why did you fall in love with your passion in the first place? Did you want to shut up the non-believers? Did you want to support your family? If you aren’t sure yet you should figure it out. It’ll help you on your journey. If you have figured it out, great. Never lose it.

Whenever things start to become tough people always give up. The work they love just seems to become less important because everyone wants success to happen over night. That’s not possible. You have to work and work hard. If you’re not willing to work hard then you can’t want it that bad.

Yes, you’re going to cry and there will be times you want to give up. Welcome to loving something. Welcome to true passion. That’s why you can’t ever let go of whatever drives you. It keeps you going when the energy runs out and it’s the hope the fuels you when you’ve become hopeless.

I’m not saying to lose track of the days and never sleep again. I’m saying that sometimes it’s okay to get lost in the madness and see where it takes you. Let the fear push you out of your comfort zone. Let the let love push your boundaries. Let the joy help you on the days when you feel lost.
If you’ve figured out your original passion isn’t for you, then that’s fine. It happens. But find something. Please. If you’re struggling with your passion because it feels hopeless please just hold on. I decided a long time that only a few things are worth holding on to. Who you love and what you love are two of those things. Don’t lose that motivation. You got this.


June 27th, 2016

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