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Lyssa’s Corner – United Issues

Lyssa’s Corner – United Issues

Out of all of the hundreds of things I wanted to talk about this week, this seems more pressing. Another life is taken and I know everyone is angry. Angry, afraid, confused, and hurting. It doesn’t make sense and no one can seem to figure out why these senseless things keep happening. Why can’t we just treat each other with love? Why is the country constantly being torn apart by racial differences, hate, and violence?

While all of these thoughts are running through your heads along with a million more please just try to be rational. Don’t start saying (or believing) that “all cops” and “all whites” are the same because it’s not true. It’s not true when they say “all blacks are thugs and criminals” or “all minorities steal and rape” and it’s not true in this situation.

I’m not dumb. I watch TV like everyone else and I live in the same world. It gets scarier everyday and people are wild. I know. I also know that we have to find the faith and hope to keep love and kindness alive. Without it the world gets darker and colder and we all lose. People need love. We needs good times and bad. We need ups and down. People need people.

I don’t want to argue with anyone and I don’t want to start any fights. I just want everyone to keep fighting for what’s right while also keeping in mind that there are good people left in this world of every race and every profession. Stay safe out there and keep your head up. There’s still time to make this world better and safer for all of us.


August 22nd, 2016

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