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Lyssa’s Corner – P-Funk North

Lyssa’s Corner – P-Funk North

This post is honor of some friends of mine who just released an amazing album and had an awesome album release party: P-Funk North.

To those of you who aren’t Plainfield or North Plainfield natives probably have no clue who I’m talking about. Well let me clue you in.

P-Funk is reggae band placed out of North Plainfield, New Jersey and have been together since 2013. Their sound is a mixture of early of Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, and something all their own. Their album ‘Buds Won’t Break Your Heart’ (which was produced by Weilhouse Productions) captures not only the energy but also the fun that is always vibrant and alive at their live shows. With lyrics that make you laugh as much as think, this album is something for everyone as well as something everyone needs.

Dave’s raspy/fun voice transcends your mind into a place of relaxation, as well as, a part of your state of being that needs to be awoken. Joel’s guitar playing is something that the best dreams are made of. Between him striking the cords that make you feel something deep within, and him playing the cords that make you feel like you’re on vacation his guitar playing is a major part of what sets the tone for the album; making it different from certain Generation X reggae albums. Pat’s drumming (live or on the album) never fails to make you feel it in your bones.

Besides hitting every mark perfectly , his drumming makes you wanna get up dance. Together they make a group of not only true friends (which shine true on this album and on stage) but also true musicians. Musicians on a mission to bring true music back as well as songs that not only make you feel good, but make you think about the world we live in.

Do yourselves a favor and buy the album off of Itunes or listen to it on Spotify. It’ll do your mind and soul a world of good

P-Funk North consists of:

Dave Sloyan on bass and vocals

Joel Oviedo on guitar

Pat Tucker on drums

The album features

Bruce on the trumpet/flugehorn

James on vocals

Lou on trombone


DJ Redrum on turntables

‘Buds Won’t Break Your Heart’ was produced by Weilhouse Productions


October 17th, 2016

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